Cuore Cristal:

  • In vegetable crops to control downy mildew;
  • In apple to prevent scab;
  • In peaches and nectarines against leaf curl;
  • For winter disinfection of vineyards and orchards.

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  • Very effective against Eutipa, Armillaria mellea;
  • For Vine it increases strongly the plant immunity;
  • In apple good effect against mildew;
  • In stone fruit is used in case of resin run caused by soil and root fungal infections.

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Agricultural Products

1Our Agricultural products are based on a technology called Molecular system feeding with fitosanitary action. This technology еnables the reduction of operating costs and water consumption in agriculture. These phytonutrients and crop protection agents are molecular system structures without residual toxicity in the soil, plant and water.

Products and Food Supplements

2The supplements for the food industry, manufactured by Aisa Aditivos Inteligentes SA, are innovative in terms of its composition and mode of action. Applied are principles and mechanisms that eliminate the harmful effects of industry on the environment and human health and saving raw materials and energy.

Household Chemistry

3Aisa Aditivos Inteligentes SA has created a wide range of products for cleaning, degreasing, deodorizing, water treatment, insect repellents and more. All these products are based on the so-called „clean technology“ in order to achieve a better quality of life and environmental protection.